Meet the team

Put a group of people with world class skills and knowledge on tech, real estate, finance and investing into a company driven by purpose, and we will change the world.

Trust, Transparency and Alignment

These are our three core values to guide us in bringing these to life - in our every action, every day - we follow these five principles.

Play as a team.

We align our actions to a common goal and strategy. We align our behaviour to our shared values. We listen first to understand. We grow through feedback. We are accountable for our results, as well as our actions. We are concerned when we are disconnected from each other, and have courageous conversations to find common ground.

Play as a team

Lead the change we seek.

Every team member is a leader, and embraces the responsibility of being a leader in this company. We boldly improve our products, our team and ourselves. We learn from each other. We learn from our clients. We learn from experts. We learn from our mistakes. Rather than complain, we get stuck in to fix it. We believe the future can be better, and act to make it that ways.

Lead the change we seek

Grow through balance.

We think carefully, and implement quickly. We take our work seriously, and ourselves a little less so. We love our work and our families, and make time for both. We understand the need for hard work and time off, and prioritise both.

Grow through balance

Transparent, no games.

We never bullshit a customer or a team mate. We share truthfully as our default. We understand that sharing requires brains (what to say), thoughtfulness (when to say it) and caring (how it is said). Through transparency we earn and safeguard trust.

Transparent, no games

Do the right thing.

Our decisions are guided by our commitment to improve the lives of our clients, team, investors, partners and the broader global community. We hold ourselves and others to the highest principles. We care.

Do the right thing
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