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Parental leave at Wealth Migrate

Welcoming a new child to the family is an amazing event. Here at Wealth Migrate we want to ensure we are celebrating with you, and supporting you to thoroughly enjoy this very special time.

Key Principles

Our intention with this New Parent Leave Guideline is to create clarity for you and your family about our intentions as a company.  Here are some of our key principles for this guideline.

All parents are treated the same at Wealth Migrate – regardless of gender or sexual identity.

Anyone at Wealth Migrate who is becoming a parent through childbirth, surrogacy, adoption or foster care is eligible for paid leave.

As a global company, we are committed to working with your cultural or country norms. We will work with each person one-on-one to find the right approach with regards to new parent leave, and how and when you return to work.  

This benefit is available no matter how long a teammate has been on the team.

Paid Leave

New parents will be able to take up to one month of fully paid leave on the event of a new addition to the family.   After that, new parents will be able to take additional unpaid leave.   This is for all men, women and transgender team mates. 

The importance of bonding with a new  baby is not gender specific.  And a family working as a team in the first few weeks of a new babies arrival has significant benefits for the family and the baby.

When to take new parent leave, and how much to take?

Knowing how much time is right for you and your family is a tricky thing to plan for. Every family is different and we want to encourage each person to examine their own family needs and work team dynamics.

Sometimes a framework is helpful, and if that’s the case, we strongly urge a time frame of 4-8 weeks of full time off.

We’ll be excited to welcome teammates back following your leave no matter how much time you spend away.  Your place in Wealth Migrate will be waiting for you whenever it’s right to step back in fully.  As the nature of Wealth Migrate is to change and evolve quickly, we recognise that your role might shift a bit over time, though any changes will be communicated in detail.   Part of this ongoing conversation with team members and the Team and Culture team is to find the situation that works best for everyone.

You are welcome to split this family leave time over the first year of a child’s birth, adoption or foster care.  We’d love to discuss this on a case-by-case basis.

There are many factors that play into this: having a c-section generally means longer recovery time, if there are other children it might mean balancing more things, if adopting the process might require travel.

Part of not having a ‘policy’ is leaving a window of flexibility for these unknowns.

Your Time Away

When to start? Before or after your new arrival?  Babies – through birth, surrogacy, fostering or adoption) come on their own time!  Medical or legal conditions outside our control can also factor in with the “unexpectedness” of the start of a leave, and doctor’s recommendations may also come into play.

We trust team members to know what is best for their family, and urge you to take the time as needed, whether that means you take a few weeks off before your due date or work right up until delivery.

Our advice – settle on as firm of a ‘return’ date as possible so each team can plan around that.  For the ‘start’ date, we’ll be aware that his might be in flux and plan accordingly.

Easing back into work

Teammates are encouraged to consider a transition back into work – perhaps part-time for a short amount of time (from a week to a month) to ease back into work as part of the total leave time.  These lengths of times can be customized for each family and we urge full communication of this with leads and teams.

We are open to case-by-case discussions of extended leave or part-time hours at reduced pay.

This is a conversation we can between each team’s lead and the Team and Culture team either before or after the child’s birth or adoption.

If a team member need breaks during the day for baby care, breastfeeding or whatever is needed, one great way is to schedule them into your calendar (as best as you can ever ‘plan’ around a baby!).  We can help discuss and set expectations with your team leader and team. 

Our underlying philosophy is that we all share a commitment to each other and the team.  Through communicating we will come up with the plan that is best for you and your growing family.