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WealthE Wednesday Agenda – 7 August

Learn with Us – Open Q&A with Scott – Deals, partners, platform, investments (past, present and future), due diligence, etc.

a.     Session 1:        11am GMT/12pm UK/1pm SA/3pm UAE/9pm Brisbane/7am New York 

Register here: Learn with Us – Session 1

b.     Session 2:        5pm GMT/6pm UK/7pm SA/9pm UAE/1pm New York

Register here: Learn with Us – Session 2

5 reasons to join our interactive sessions:

1. Even though the world is going digital, people still want a personalised and human touch. Come and meet the team and learn about their why, what, how, etc.

2. Come and ask anything you would like to know about the platform, due diligence, past and present deals, the team, etc.

3. Come and learn about the current deals (and the pipeline of opportunity which is coming).

4. Come and learn about the new enhancements on the platform to improve your user experience.

5. Finally every month we will be having a theme. This month we will be discussing Libra, the Facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency, and what this would mean for you? If you knew in 1995 (like Jeff Bezos from Amazon) what the internet was going to the world and what opportunities it presented, what would you have done differently? You see in 1995 Jeff Bezos understood the Netscape moment and we are having the exact same thing all over again. We are moving into Wealth 5.0 and I will share with you what this means and how you can take advantage of it.

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