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Does Wealth Migrate do crowdfunding, or is it more advanced than this. How do you 10x traditional crowdfunding

Crowdfunding, which has already made huge economic waves in the United States, Europe and Asia, is a method of financing or raising capital that harnesses the power of the masses, or the “crowd” to fund a project, business or endeavours, typically via the Internet. Mas solution, a research, advisory and implementation firm that specialises in crowd sourcing solutions for private, public and social enterprises, says that the global crowdfunding market will reach $34.4B in 2015, and is set for continued explosive growth. In nations where Crowdfunding is legal, it has levelled the economic playing field, giving access to capital needed for wealth creation to women and minorities that typically are under served by traditional capital markets.

“There is a huge wealth gap in the emerging world, and crowdfunding is a solution to close this gap,” said Scott Picken, founding member of the African Crowdfunding Association and CEO of Wealth Migrate, a global online real estate investment marketplace. “Crowdfunding can provide equal opportunity and equal access to capital that is essential for wealth creation within under served populations. The ACfA will educate not only the public, but also the policymakers about the benefits of crowdfunding for Africa.”

Wealth Migrate and Thundafund have partnered to lay the groundwork for the ACfA and are urging policy makers and others passionate about increasing access to capital to join them.

“We see crowdfunding as the democratisation of financing for entrepreneurs,” said Patrick Schofield, CEO and co-founder of Thundafund. “Thus far we have been thrilled to see the outpouring of African and global support for African entrepreneurs that have had the courage to launch new ideas into the world.

There are so many inspiring entrepreneurs in Africa who could do so much to change the world with access to capital. Crowdfunding is the next-gen solution to Africa’s development agenda.”

Organisations and individuals that have given their support include:

  • M-Changa
  • Jumpstarter
  • Realty Africa
  • Realty Wealth
  • Babandu
  • Back-a-Buddy
  • 234give.com
  • Uganda Crowdfunding Network
  • The Crowdfunding Institute of Australia
  • The Crowdfunding Professional Association
  • The China Crowdfunding Society
  • The UK Crowdfunding Association
  • Carl Esposti, Founder of Crowdsourcing and Massolution – http://www.crowdsourcing.org
  • Dan Marom, renowned expert in the field of crowdfunding and author of the pioneering books, “The Crowdfunding Revolution” (2010, 2012) & “Crowdfunding: The corporate era” (2015).
  • Matthew Pinter, Chairman of the Crowd Funding Institute of Australia – https://www.cfinstitute.org/
  • Frank Mukahanana, director of the UK Crowdfunding Association – http://www.ukcfa.org.uk/
  • Paul Niederer, leading authority on Investor Aggregation Solutions, Collaborative Investment and Crowd sourcing
  • Ronald Kleverlaan, Co-Founder of the European Crowdfunding Network; Founder of Crowdfunding Hub
  • Scott McIntyre, vice president of the Crowdfunding Professional Association – http://www.cfpa.org/
  • Xiaochen Zhang, Co-Founder of the Crowdfund China Society; Director at the Crowdfunding Professional Association
  • Joy Schoffler, Principal of Leverage PR and CFIRA board member

The ACfA has already received support and recognition from similar industry bodies around the world which have been instrumental in the process of bringing crowdfunding awareness and implementation to their region. Xiaochen Zhang, who set up Crowdfund China Society and works on crowdfunding for the World Bank, has agreed to sit on the board. Dan Marom, who advised on and influenced the passage of crowdfunding regulations by the European Union, has also agreed to sit on the board. Along with the parties above, they are providing the ACfA with a blueprint and framework which has already been previously successful around the world.

About Wealth Migrate

Wealth Migrate is a leading international real estate crowdfunding platform that offers global investors direct access to exclusive real estate investment opportunities in premier markets around the world, including the U.S., U.K. and Australia. Investors benefit from the extensive experience of the Wealth Migrate executive team, which has collectively facilitated more than $1.34 billion on five continents for clients in international real estate transactions. For more information, visit www.wealthmigrate.com.

About Thundafund

Thundafund is South Africa’s leading online Crowdfunding Café and marketplace for creatives and innovators. Through Thundafund, entrepreneurs with their respective projects and ideas can raise capital and build a supportive crowd of backers through the process of crowdfunding. For more information, visit https://www.thundafund.com.

Written by Kevin Allen, Chairperson of ACfA

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