Wealth Migrate


How to invest offshore, simply and safely, using technology

With all the uncertainty in South Africa, everyone is looking for a safe solution to invest their money overseas.

There are 3 primary reasons for this – Wealth Preservation, a Plan B and Peace of Mind for them and their family. There is also the pure financial reason due to the Rand losing an average of over 6% against the USD every single year for more than 30 years (basically this means a 12% return in South Africa is like a 6% return in America in real terms).

So, if it was safe and simple then it seems a no brainer…

Unfortunately, more than 80% of people who invest overseas actually LOSE money as it is a lot harder than people think.

How to start building a global portfolio
Scott Picken started helping people invest internationally in 1999 and has now helped thousands of South Africans invest in America, Australia and the UK. Originally, he started helping them invest directly into houses and apartments with International Property Solutions (IPS) and in the last 6 years they launched the platform called Wealth Migrate.
The platform allows investors to invest directly with partners on the ground. This cuts out the middlemen, cuts the costs and allows investors to invest in a trustworthy, transparent and accessible way in first-world markets.
As Picken says, “Before technology, this was not possible. You had to fly to London, set up a structure and bank account, get a mortgage and then have the endless hassles of managing the property. Now with technology, in literally a few minutes you can get access to the best opportunities, with trusted partners and, on the first Wednesday of every month, you can invest from $1k. Technology has transformed the way you catch a taxi with Uber, why not use the same convenience with your investments?”
Wealth Migrate has members in 133 countries, has had more than $90m invested through the platform and facilitated property investments of over $560m. These deals have consisted of residential buildings in London, medical office suites in America, industrial buildings in Australia, a Thailand resort and many more… With cash on cash returns of roughly 8% in America and IRR’s of greater than 13% in first-world currency, this is certainly something South Africans can consider.
For more information go to www.wealthmigrate.com to understand how you can become a Global Citizen and build a global portfolio – safely and simply.