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Knock Knock

Change brings opportunity.” Nido Qubein

Sweeping changes have been brought to society by the birth of the internet a mere 25 years ago.  The new world we live in, gives us access to mountains of information and technology to open up new opportunities. Some would argue that many opportunities and jobs are lost and some would argue that many new opportunities, and even jobs that don’t yet officially exist, are on our doorsteps.

First question, who’s there?  Wealth Migrate, with its vision of empowering a billion people by 2020, to invest in quality commercial real estate with as little as $100.

Success happens not by chance, but because you were given a chance and took advantage of it.” H. Jackson Brown, Jr

Second question, what’s here?  Diversification.  Until recently, the average investor did not have that much opportunity to diversify his real estate investment portfolio.  Most real estate investors had to invest in local residential real estate opportunities or REITS.  Commercial real estate investing was out of reach for all but the lucky, wealthy few.  Offshore residential real estate investing opened up to South African real estate investors, but remains open to a few, due to our weak currency, lack of knowledge and high investment levels required.

Today diversification is here by the click of a button. The internet, information and technology combined, allow the average real estate investor to participate in opportunities previously unheard of before.

No one ever got anywhere by themselves. Find your support and keep close.” Anonymous.

The Wealth Migrate team needs to be commended and loudly applauded for utilising the expertise in their team, to bring true real estate investment diversification to all. 

Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.” H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Wealth Migrate is already on the dance floor.  Traditional real estate investing is being turned on its head and disrupted by niche real estate markets such as:

Investing across currencies

Investing across borders

Investing in areas close to transport corridors and nodes

Investing in medical real estate

Investing alongside a developer

Investing in high growth areas driven by population growth and demand

Investing in cities with diverse economies and multiple industries

If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.” Tom Peters.

The changing dynamics in society necessitates changes in the traditional ways of doing things.  Smart investors need to consider new and changing dynamics when investing in real estate.  The ‘old’ way will prove costly to investors who insist on ignoring the changes in society.  In days gone by, investors had the luxury of studying opportunities and markets for months and even years before taking action.  They could depend on their own research and information from their networks.  This has long been disrupted by the internet with information now been easily accessible.  Millions are breaking free from the old barriers and are ready to act on opportunities open to them now. Those who are willing to take quick action, to partner with others and utilise technology, are walking away with the spoils.

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Knock knock, wake up to the wonderful new world of choice, opportunity and diversification.

There is no security on this earth; there is only opportunity.” Douglas MacArthur.

DISCLAIMER: The above article is my opinion and nothing contained herein should be construed as any investment, tax, legal, or other advice, nor should it to be relied upon in making an investment decision.