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Put the shoe on the other foot

Real Estate Investment has long been known to be one of the best ways to make your money work while you sleep.  So much so, that 49% of the world’s wealth is held in real estate. Yet, very few people have access to real estate investment opportunities, the reason being that it requires expert knowledge. It requires significant amounts of money to get started, if you want to invest via the traditional buy-to-let route. This created barriers to entry hard to overcome for many.  Investors are often at risk of suffering huge losses due to vacancies, damages by uncaring tenants and buying the wrong properties.

Sophisticated investors tend to invest in commercial real estate opportunities. For a long time these investments were available to only a select few, very wealthy investors.  Until now.

The internet has changed our lives irrevocably. We live in a different and new world with many new possibilities. We no longer have to be content to plough in the old furrows.  Wealth Migrate is at the forefront of staking out new fields of opportunity and possibilities.   Wealth Migrate enables people to overcome the challenges of commercial real estate investing and in so doing, is affecting transformation in an old, staid, exclusive industry.

Wealth Migrate has managed to combine the extensive real estate expertise of its team members with cutting edge technology, and in so doing has enabled all to invest in opportunities previously available only to wealthy investors, those inside the inner circle.  Now all have access to inner circle real estate investment opportunities.  How?

Commercial real estate comprises of several sectors.  There are retail buildings such as shopping centres. Office blocks and buildings. Leisure opportunities such as hotels and also industrial buildings such are warehouses, distribution centres and buildings suitable for manufacturing purposes. Of particular interest are medical real estate buildings and multifamily housing buildings. It is quite clear that being able to select the best and safest investment opportunities from amongst all the sectors, requires specialised knowledge and expertise. Wealth Migrate’s team members have exactly the expertise required and they have identified medical real estate opportunities as some of the best available to investors today. Over the past 3 years Wealth Migrate has built up a sterling track record in selecting lucrative and safe medical real estate investment opportunities, to offer to their clients.

Why medical real estate?  Medical real estate assets are regarded as prime assets and for that reason REITS buy into them.  The prime classification stems from the following realities:

Increased demand for healthcare – due to population growth in areas Wealth Migrate selects, the ageing population which is a world wide trend. People over 65 years of age rely increasingly on health care services which in turn results in longevity. There is a shift towards outpatient care causing uninterrupted growth in demand.

Doctors are good tenants – they sign long term leases because the need for their services are driven by demographic trends rather than economic growth. It is difficult for doctors to move as they often have expensive sensitive equipment which can not be moved. There are often licensing or certificate of need restrictions which compel doctors to stay in one place.

Medical office blocks are capital preservation assets.  Assets which give good cash flow and good value for money.

The increasing demand for medical services and the service providers who prefer to have long term lease agreements in place, make medical real estate recession resistant. People need medical services irrespective of the economic climate.

How does the Wealth Migrate team ensure that only the top pick opportunities are presented to their clients?  Due diligence, research, due diligence and more research. Research on every possible level. This is because the right opportunities result in capital preservation and income for investors. The Wealth Migrate due diligence system is called the GIDDS rating system.  GIDDS is an acronym for Global Investment Due Diligence System which incorporates a 140 point checklist.

The 140 point checklist, which every opportunity is subjected to, acts as a filtering system which only allows the best opportunities to pass through. Very thorough research is done on:

The income generating aspects of each opportunity.  Investors can rest assured that the income is safe because the long term leases have been inspected in detail. Detail such as whether the rental per square metre or foot is in line with the current market, whether the tenant is a reputable tenant of good financial standing able to pay the rent.

By studying many and various credible reports, the Wealth Migrate team ensures that the medical office blocks are surrounded by a diverse population, which requires medical care facilities, but  a population that can also afford the care they require.

The medical office blocks are in areas with diverse economies and industries, high growth areas where the diverse economies ensure that there are many job opportunities.  Research has shown that 86% of Americans have medical insurance. Almost all people with jobs have medical insurance.

Medical real estate is a highly regarded and coveted asset class in the USA today.

Go to www.wealthmigrate.com and put the shoe on the other foot by investing like those inside the inner circle, invest safely and securely in this popular and sought after real estate sector, which was not easily accessible before. Put the shoe on the other foot by investing alongside wealthy sophisticated investors, in quality medical real estate investment deals.

We all work hard to pay the doctor’s bills…now the shoe can be on the other foot, let the doctors pay your bills.  

DISCLAIMER: The above article is my personal opinion and nothing contained herein should be construed as investment, tax, legal, or other advice, nor is it to be relied upon in making an investment decision.