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Real Estate’s Gutenberg Moment has arrived

“German blacksmith, goldsmith, printer, and publisher who introduced printing to Europe. His introduction of mechanical movable type printing to Europe started the Printing Revolution and is widely regarded as the most important invention of the second millennium, the seminal event which ushered in the modern period of human history. [1] It played a key role in the development of the Renaissance, Reformation, the Age of Enlightenment, and the scientific revolution and laid the material basis for the modern knowledge-based economy and the spread of learning to the masses. [2] “

Some would question whether real estate requires a Gutenberg moment. Statistics prove the necessity resoundingly, since only 13% of the world’s population has access to owning real estate and share in all the benefits property ownership delivers. The low real estate ownership percentage is not surprising, even in the democratic, information- and technology-based environment we find ourselves in these days. Access to real estate still requires large sums of money as well as expertise and access to financing. To top it all, there are still many countries globally, where direct property ownership accompanied by the receipt of title deeds, are not a reality and citizens can only lease land from the state or are given rights to live on land by a tribal leader or chief. Buying property remains a complex process. It involves several steps and specialized knowledge such as given by lawyers in order to ensure the correct and legal transfer of the property. The legal and financial interests of the both the buyer and seller need to be protected.

What was so significant about 10 June 2016? Until this day only accredited, meaning high net worth investors, could participate in commercial real estate opportunities. They needed to invest amounts of $100 000 and more. On 10 June 2016, it was the first day ever, that non accredited investors were able to invest in commercial real estate investment, starting at levels of $10 000. Investors from all over the world could, for the first time partake, in a commercial real estate investment in a first world country. Very soon investment levels will be down to $100. Investors investing $100 will get the same yields and benefits, as the property experts and millionaires, they are co-investing with. A case study can better explain the true benefits to the average real estate investor. See the case study below.

Take the case of a 29-year-old engineer, ready to make his first real estate investment. He is permanently employed and has savings in order to get started:


Approach a local real estate broker in order to view listings and see what is available and affordable.

Buy an online course from a guru, either by recommendation from family, friends or research on the internet.

Attend seminars on investing in real estate in your area.

View many, many prospective properties enlisting the services of several real estate brokers.

Cross check all information from the local real estate broker, who rarely is an authority on investment property and is largely driven by earning commission.

Select a property.

Put in an offer and apply for a mortgage.

If all goes well, take transfer of the property and assume all the risk.

Pay commissions.

Start the process of selecting a suitable tenant.

Make a thorough study of rental legislation and the consumer protection act.

Entrust your investment to a managing agent or embark on the management process yourself.

Deal with rental and maintenance issues, mortgage repayments, costs of levies.

Deal with inefficient city council employees with regards to utilities and rates and taxes accounts.

Experience how little protection landlords have in South Africa and the costs of dealing with defaulting tenants.

Time frame to get started, anything from 6 months to 12 months and longer.

Income all in ZAR.

After much trial and effort and some expensive mistakes, move onto investing in commercial real estate where yields are significantly better.


Make a study of Wealth Migrate and discover that the company consists of a team of leading real estate experts from all over the globe. They have more than 227 years of combined experience in investing and managing more than 10,000 investments on five continents.

Discover all about the new way of investing in real estate via a secure platform.

Attend their educational webinars.

Subscribe to their virtual buyer’s trips or join a buyer’s trip and spend time with true experts in all aspects of real estate investment.

Log onto the Wealth Migrate portal at www.wealthmigrate.com and sign up to study their real estate deals online.

Meet current investors at regular meetings and share in their experiences.

Stand on the shoulders of the experts in the team, such as Dr.Dolf de Roos and use his and their expertise, to pick the cherries at the top of the investment tree.

Select to invest in a commercial real estate opportunity and invest via the secure portal.


Become an international citizen, not by emigrating, but by buying into top commercial real estate investment opportunities across borders.

Receive first world income in first world currencies.

Receive higher yields because the traditional middlemen have been cut out.

Never deal with tenants or maintenance issues.

Benefit from diversification of property investment portfolios in 3 hard currencies, USD, GBP and AUD.

Benefit from the expert specialisation and GIDDS rating system when due diligence is done on behalf of investors. GIDDS is our Global Investment Due Diligence System.

Share in the same yields on commercial deals, earned by real estate experts and multi–millionaires, by co investing alongside them. They were previously the only ones with access to these opportunities.

Be part of the new shared economy, where benefits and risks are shared equally.

Experience transparency, honesty and accessibility.

Experience the cost saving benefits of technology and financial technology or Fintech.




Yields 6 – 7% on average

Yields USA Medical 5 deal from 8.3%

Profits taxed at 36% for this person

Dividend tax only at 15%

70% mortgage

Loan application on balance sheet

No loan application on balance sheet

Full exposure to devaluating Rand

Benefit from devaluation of the Rand

Tax efficient investment structures

Having regard to both the traditional way and the Wealth Migrate way, the 29 year old investor took his first steps in real estate investment, the Wealth Migrate way. He chose to utilise and benefit from the combined expertise and knowledge of Wealth Migrate’s world class team, and will soon receive his first rental income in USD, from a top class medical commercial real estate investment.  He is already looking to invest in a commercial real estate opportunity in Australia, thereby earning AUD. Across borders and in hard currencies.

Technology, the internet, access to information and blockchain technology have all come together to create a Gutenberg moment for real estate investing. No longer can people be denied opportunities to invest in real estate, no matter where they are.  Rapid adoption and utilisation is the order of the day.  Unlike Gutenberg who brought printing to Europe in 1439 and whose achievements were only recognized in 1465.  It also took centuries for the benefits of printing, to reach the masses.

Soon, the significance of Wealth Migrate’s foresight and achievements will create a tremendous stir. Access to wealth through real estate investing, is now available to the masses.