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What can we learn from history about Real Estate? Why & how to invest in London

99% of people can’t invest in London and yet this is what the wealthiest have been doing for centuries. Here is why and how you can copy them…

When we were hunters and gathers land had no value. There were no classes.

In the agrarian age, land became valuable due to crops and live animals. There was a two class system. Rich & poor. Those who owned land and those who didn’t.

The word “Real Estate” comes from the Spanish word “Royal Estate”.

“Peasants” comes from French word “payee and sun” which means person of the land.

Tax came from peasants working the King’s land and paying tax for his protection.

To keep the peasants under control the King granted large tracks of land to his friends – Lords and Barons.

This is where Landlord came from.

The landlord collected taxes from the Peasants for the King.

In time of war, the Peasants fought for the King to protect the King’s land rights.

The rich got richer and the poor worked harder.

In the Industrial age – 3 classes arose – rich, poor and middle class.

Land became valuable around factories and middle-class suburbia spread as the middle-class bought houses.

The Kings and Lords sold off their ‘royal estate’, becoming bankers and offering

mortgages so the middle class could buy a piece of Royal Estate. In the UK, many

Kings and Lords kept the land and sold them ‘leasehold’ which means you rent

the land from them and only own the property above it.

The Kings & Lords often to this day own the land.

Today the mortgage is the biggest expense of the middle class

The poor continue to pay rent to their landlords.

Problem for investors

Middle-class Real Estate Investors are recognizing the power of real estate, but do not have an easy & safe way to invest in Real Estate Markets Globally – residential or commercial – and diversify. Thus the 99% CANNOT invest like the top 1%

Added to this in the UK there are even further challenges for getting involved:

  1. Very hard to get mortgages for people not living in the UK and rates are also
  2. Affordability is a major problem and people don’t have enough capital to
  3. Very hard to find and manage an asset overseas.
  4. Hard to find the right partners on the ground.

Why the 99% should invest like the top 1%

49% of the world’s wealth is held in global real estate, which has been inaccessible to the man on the street.

Only 12,9% of the world’s population actually have access to real estate.

Of this 12,9%, in the Western World, less than 1% of people retire wealthy at the age of 65.

We are changing this by bridging the wealth gap

Now with our technology, we’re making Global Real Estate accessible to the other 99% who want to invest like the top 1%

For centuries the Kings, Queens and Wealthiest people in the world have invested in the UK and London. Now you can too, in a simple and safe way using technology & SMART Investing.

Why the UK?

  • Worlds 4th largest economy
  • Small island – limited space
  • Affluent and growing population
  • Mature economy
  • Highly educated and world class judicial system
  • The pound has devalued – buying opportunities now
  • RICs reliable valuations
  • Certainty of ownership
  • Acute shortage of housing and developers are not meeting demand
  • Low risk
  • World Class Universities

The fundamentals of the UK and London market are sound with more demand than supply in the right sectors & areas.

Invest in safe, predictable income returns.

Using our blockchain enabled platform we connect quality local property partners with global investors.

We have members in 133 countries, had $85m+ go through the platform and facilitated over $521m+ in real estate deals.

As they say, history repeats itself, now you get to choose.

Do you want to invest like the Kings, Middle class or Peasants?

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