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Why is Texas a Great US State to Make Investments in

It has much to do with the power house triangular region dubbed TEXAPLEX, which is framed by the cities of Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. 80% of the state’s population live in the Texaplex region, which has seemingly endless opportunities to offer its millions of residents.

Texas is a truly diverse and economically stable state, and Texaplex is the centre point of economic growth in Texas, home to 52 Fortune 500 companies as well as dozens of billionaires. The region continues to draw an increasing number of American firms, thanks to its no-state income tax for people and corporations, and no tax on goods in transit laws. It’s an incredibly “pro-business” environment, and the state rates highly among small businesses for its low taxes and simplicity with regards to regulations and licensing.

When it comes to investing, Texas real estate has always been a hot market, and it continues to thrive as a highly profitable and sought-after investment opportunity. The real estate market is also affected by the millennial generation, who make up the majority of the Texan population. It’s this generation who are pursuing job opportunities in Texas, and starting to buy and rent property – yet another key indicator of a strong local economy. Added to this, Texas is known for being a landlord and owner-friendly state.

So, if you’re looking to invest in the US, look no further than a solid investment in Texan real estate.