Alpha Wave

Alpha Wave

Based in Southern California, Alpha Wave’s name reflects its philosophy and core values. Alpha, refers to superior returns through insightful investing, whereas Wave is a reference to the cyclical nature of the real estate business.

Alpha Wave

Alpha Wave Investors, LLC. is a Southern California-based private equity investment company

Name: Alpha (superior returns through insightful investing) and Wave (investment strategies tailored for the peaks and valleys of the business cycle) – reflects our philosophy of creative, disciplined, value-driven investing for all phases of the investment cycle.

Mission: To build wealth for our investors through disciplined investments in value-add multifamily and hotel properties located in the western US.

Vision: To be the premier sponsor of value-add multifamily and hotel investments in the western US.

Guiding Principle: Investors First.

Core Values: Accountability, Integrity, Discipline, Details and Transparency.

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