Creative Realty Partners

Creative Realty Partners

Creative Realty Partners specialises in sourcing and syndicating high cash flow and value-add multi-family real estate investments in choice locations in the U.S. for our investors as well as the company’s portfolio; offering a private equity type, full service investment. Through extensive market research, CRP targets sub-markets with robust economics and strong demographic growth.

Creative Realty Partners

Pursuing an opportunistic investment approach, CRP seeks to identify multifamily opportunities that can be transformed through a value-add strategy. With a focus on capital preservation and risk-adjusted return, CRP seeks tax-efficient investments that generate immediate cash yields with significant growth potential.

Creative Realty Partners understands that every investment is unique and as such, offers diverse, yet straightforward investment strategies. Each opportunity is evaluated based on empirical data, exhaustive market research, and conservative financial projections ensuring risk-mitigated capital appreciation.

Overview, Investing in Multi-Family Real Estate Multi-family Real Estate is defined as any property, such as apartments, duplexes and others that are constructed for use by multiple family groups. For us, multi-family real estate simply offers the greatest cash-on-cash return of any other real estate investment vehicle in today’s market. In addition to high returns, multi-family.

Is a strong real estate asset class in any economic cycle creates reliable cash-flow is susceptible to forced appreciation by increasing net income because of economies of scale, is less likely to be negatively impacted from unit vacancies than other forms of real estate has many creative options for capital appreciation.

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