OrbVest has its origin in the real estate division of this platform,, ultimately Global Wealth Group (GWG) of companies. OrbVest Limited was floated independently from GWG on the Trop-X Exchange so that the new company could better focus and accelerate growth through specialisation in continuous and integrated care facilities or medical malls.

OrbVest Limited

Through the influence of its chairman Hennie Bezuidenhout, it has grown a highly attractive portfolio of 19 medical buildings in the USA to a value exceeding $160 million, which is projected to top $243 by December 2018 with $72 million in shareholders equity invested. The track record of strong and consistent dividend flows has resulted in a 65% re-investment rate from early investors. “We have invested heavily in understanding global trends that will ensure stable reliable income streams for the future,” says CEO Martin Freeman.

“We are on the brink of a revolution and an unprecedented rise in personalised and intelligent health care. Transformative technologies, genome sequencing and artificial intelligence amongst others bring incredible power to diagnostics, drug discovery and genetic therapy, and will have a major impact on longevity and the required aged care facilities. We are well positioned to be the preferred provider of new generation health care infrastructure"

Hennie Bezuidenhoudt - Investment Committee Chairman and Founder

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