Learn and apply the benefits from diversifying your global investments.​

Explore how to maximise returns and lower risks when it comes to investing 

Discover the importance of diversification when growing your investment portfolio, and how to apply it to protect your wealth.

Diversification 5.0 is a leading strategy that Wealth Migrate believes is crucial for our investors to protect their wealth. The key to financial success is to invest in strategic investments by using diversification on our FinTech platform in global real estate and alternative assets.

In this content series, Wealth Migrate unpacks what Diversification 5.0. is, and how you as a first-time or experienced investor can implement it to grow and preserve your wealth. Gain a broader understanding of diversifying your investments using our wealth pyramid and equip yourself with the know-how to expand your investment portfolio.


Investor education is one of the pillars of our business and we’re committed to providing a credible range of international and local financial and investment content. 

Explore our content on diversification and the various asset classes that you can utilise for your diversified investment strategy with Wealth Migrate in association with BizNews here, and don’t miss out on our latest monthly webinars and podcasts. 

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This balanced approach will allow you to protect and preserve your wealth

Achieving financial freedom is more than just improving your cash flow to earn a passive income. Along with education, build an investment portfolio by utilising a mix of investment strategies and asset allocations that offer a variety of investment-return timelines. 

This method follows four main steps: 

Diversify across asset classes.
– Asset allocation is important when it comes to increasing your returns

Diversify within asset classes.
– Reduce your exposure to risk by channelling your investments in multiple sectors and industries

Diversify across markets and currencies.
– Focus on domestic and international markets to optimise investment growth, this reduces risk and volatility and adds to long-term returns

Diversify across time.
– Ensure your strategy is for long-term wealth creation and protection
– Create and follow a wealth journey plan to buffer against short-term market insecurities and volatility 

“Diversifying well is a matter of knowing how to reduce your expected risk by more than you reduce your expected return (improving your return-risk ratio).” 

– Ray Dalio

A flexible style of investing

Diverse real estate and alternative assets in Wealth Migrate’s meta-marketplace provide you with insights into each investment deal, where you can view the types of returns and time periods for each asset.

Secure financial transactions

Our due diligence process covers two layers from sponsors to deal offerings.

  • We ensure that our sponsors have the right experience and skills to partner with us
  • We also perform strict checks to ensure our available deals suit our investors’ interests and are profitable 
Benefit from our sponsor and due diligence partners that provide regulated investment deals on our meta-marketplace
Wealth Migrate offers you the ability to create a diverse portfolio that meets your investment goals

Tap into a FinTech platform that provides global investments in real estate and alternative assets: 

  • Earn a passive income in US Dollars from different top-quality investments 

  • Adapt your investment strategy with leading guidance from our partners in the finance and property industry 

  • Manage a diverse investment portfolio online – all your investments are easy to access and view through the digital dashboard 
Become an investor in four simple steps:
  1. Sign up and create an account.
  2. Complete the know your client (KYC) verification.
  3. Fund your digital wallet.
  4. View all available deals and invest.
Enjoy a FinTech platform that offers a one-stop solution for:

An accessible method for wealth creation and preservation

Diverse global real estate and alternative asset investments

Lower investment fees and no middlemen

Protection for your financial transactions and personal information through a regulated meta-marketplace

Complimentary worldwide investor education