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Company Overview

  • How do you cater for Investor Security?

    Investor Security is central to every aspect of our design and operational focus. Every investment has a degree of risk in the underlying asset, and while we cannot remove this risk, we ensure that every controllable risk associated with investing online is accounted for.

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  • Are you solely responsible for investors, or do others also bring investors in?

    Our platform is used by a wide variety of investors, financial advisors, and Real Estate companies. We cater for investors who invest directly through the platform, as well as investors who use a bespoke curated white label version of our platform to interact directly with their own investors.

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  • How often do you launch new projects?

    We list 3 to 4 new projects each month.

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  • What is Wealth Migrate’s Strategy?

    Our goal is to be the worlds leading global real estate marketplace by 2022. We work with a global network of Real Estate companies, as well as with other real estate platforms, to create a global marketplace. By linking with other regional platforms and bringing their offerings into a single global platform, Wealth Migrate is…

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  • What types of real estate investment opportunities does Wealth Migrate have to offer?

    Wealth Migrate offers its investors direct ownership in exclusive global real estate which has been carefully selected by partners on the ground. These investment opportunities are mostly within niche sections of the real estate market, which allows for greater portfolio diversification. We prefer to offer unique real estate opportunities to our investors, focusing predominantly on…

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  • How do I invest through Wealth Migrate?

    You can register on our system at, through the website of your financial advisor or through the website of your real estate company partner. Once registered you complete the entire investment process online.

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  • How has Wealth Migrate Performed?

    To date, Wealth Migrate has concluded commercial real estate investment projects exceeding USD 500m in value. Projects vary from growth investment opportunities (18-36 months) or income investment opportunities (3-5 years) which deliver an internal rate of return from 12.0% – 19.5%.

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  • Who is Wealth Migrate?

    Wealth Migrate brings Trust, Transparency, Independent Insight, and Accessibility to the Global Real Estate Investment Marketplace through world class Financial Technology.

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