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Wealth Migrate Wallet

Our platform is designed around a “Pre-funded” trading account, or “Wallet” model.  Simply put, you as an investor first transfer funds into your Wealth Migrate account, and then are able to use those funds to invest into deals instantly.   

This differs from a model where you choose your investment, and the amount you want to invest, and then are required to make the deposit for that investment.  Once you have made the deposit, you have to return to the site to upload your proof of deposit, and then wait for it to reflect in the account before we confirm your investment. 

The Pre-funded Wallet has significant advantages.  With funds already in your Wallet, your investment is processed immediately.  From the moment you decide to invest in a particular deal, it will take you a few seconds (ok, maybe a minute at the most) to select the amount, sign the investment documents, and confirm your investment.  Done. 

At all times we know exactly how much money has been raised for a particular deal, and are able to ensure that opportunities are allocated to clients immediately, without us having to wait and see whose money lands first in the account, or return money if the amount raised is higher than what is available. 

TECH UPDATE: Please note that in the second quarter of 2019 we will be temporarily disabling wallets on our system for a few months while we switch wallet providers.  We are committed to providing a global wallet system that can be used for all deals on our Platform, irrespective of the deal location or which Sponsor has brought us a deal.  In the short term Wealth Migrate will be using escrow accounts to accept investor funds for deals, and will be returning investors dividends directly to your bank accounts.