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Where should I invest?

While there will always be attractive investments that delivers good returns locally, diversifying your portfolio by investing in other economies is an acknowledged principle that will give you a currency hedge, safety, sustainability, wealth preservation and access to other quality investments.

Why do we use the internal rate of return (IRR)?

We use the Internal rate of return to evaluate and compare the attractiveness of each investment against other investments. Watch this video to find our more about why we use IRR. 

What is the real estate value chain?

The value chain of how wealth is created is simple and yet none of us are taught it. There is a reason why 99% of people on this planet will not create wealth and that's because the top 1% percent are doing things differently. Watch this video to find out what some of the wealthiest people in the world are doing to grow their wealth.

Who is eligible to invest?

Our platform uses cutting - edge technology and is a leading global online real estate investment marketplace that allows people of all ages to invest from USD 1000. Learn more about who is eligible and how to invest by watching our video.

Electronic Document Verification

We make use of a Global Verification Service Provider. Identity Document Verification is the ability to collect, analyse and verify the identity document images provided by the investor; it performs checks to determine the authenticity and legitimacy as well as to ensure it is not forged or altered.

How do you reset your password?

A short video showing you how to reset your password.

What is IRR, ROI and Equity Multiple?

IRR - The Internal Rate of Return is one of the most common indicators for understanding and comparing your returns for real estate investments.

Why do we have a new wallet on our platform?

A brief description on why we have a new wallet system.

What is the new fee structure?

Brief explanation on our investor fee structure.

What is the new investment process?

A short video on how our new investment process works.

Why do you need to reset your password?

A short video to help you understand why you need to reset your password when logging onto the new Wealth Migrate platform for the first time.

Why is there a new platform?

Watch this short video to find out why we decided to launch a new version of the platform.

What documents do I need to upload, should I invest in my personal capacity?

The documents required for our KYC verification application are generally country specific, however for majority of countries we require the following documentation:

Should my Company invest in a deal, what documents do I need to upload?

The documents required for a Company to invest are the following:

Should my Trust invest in a deal, what documents do I need to upload?

The documents required for a Trust to invest are the following:

What documents do I need to upload, should I invest in my personal capacity?

The documents required for our KYC verification application are generally country specific, however for majority of countries we require the following documentation:

How do I get my money back and what admin costs are involved?

For the short term, funds are deposited directly into your bank account by Wealth Migrate. Our platform will soon include an online trading account for each investor, an e-wallet. Once implemented, all funds will be returned to your e-wallet from which you will be able to invest into other deals, or withdraw your funds into your bank account.

What are the tax implications?

The tax implications for your investment will vary based on the type of deal, the country the deal is based in and your own country of tax residency. Where required our SPV will take care of in country tax requirements before distributing income to investors. Wealth Migrate does not offer tax advice, and recommends all investors seek qualified tax advice.

How do I know how my investment is performing?

Each Sponsor that is managing a deal is required to provide regular reports and updates, which are uploaded onto our platform and made available to you through your portfolio. Our online communication system allows you to ask questions and engage directly with the Sponsors on each deal.

Do I invest directly into the Sponsors structure or through a SPV?

When you invest in one of our investment opportunities, you're effectively buying shares in a dedicated company (Special Purpose Vehicle) that we have created just for that offering. This SPV aggregates all our investors into a single company that then invests directly into the Sponsors offering. We use SPV's to ensure that investors from around the globe are able to invest into deals compliantly and safely across international borders.

What happens if I want to sell my investment share?

Our Investment offerings are for the life of an offering, and you are not able to sell your share. Once the deal completes its term and the exit strategy is implemented, your funds and gain will be returned to you.

Who manages each investment?

Wealth Migrate lists Offerings from a variety of Sponsors around the world who are qualified trusted partners. Each Sponsor is responsible for managing their own offerings. Each Sponsor is selected based on a range of factors in the diligence process, including years in operation, past performance and the expertise of their team. Detailed information on each Sponsor is included in each offering documentation. This is a vital component of the information investors use to make investment decisions on our marketplace.

What is a growth product?

This type of investment delivers a higher return at the end of the investment period. Typically, this is an investment opportunity in Real Estate Development Assets. At the end of the predetermined holding period, the asset will be sold to realise a development profit. These offerings fall into the Opportunistic and New Development categories.

What is an income product?

This type of investment is focused on delivering an income to the Investor during the investment period. Typically, these products pay regular distributions to Investors and the gain at the end of the investment period. Returns are projected and calculated on the assumption that the Asset will be retained for a period of 3 - 5 years. The real value of the Income Product lies therein that an existing Stabilised Real Estate Asset is acquired at below market value, which has a profitable monthly revenue stream. These offerings fall into the Core, Core Plus and Value Add categories.

How do you cater for Investor Security?

Investor Security is central to every aspect of our design and operational focus. Every investment has a degree of risk in the underlying asset, and while we cannot remove this risk, we ensure that every controllable risk associated with investing online is accounted for.

Are you solely responsible for investors, or do others also bring investors in?

Our platform is used by a wide variety of investors, financial advisors, and Real Estate companies. We cater for investors who invest directly through the platform, as well as investors who use a bespoke curated white label version of our platform to interact directly with their own investors.

How often do you launch new projects?

We list 3 to 4 new projects each month.

What is Wealth Migrate’s Strategy?

Our goal is to be the worlds leading global real estate marketplace by 2022. We work with a global network of Real Estate companies, as well as with other real estate platforms, to create a global marketplace. By linking with other regional platforms and bringing their offerings into a single global platform, Wealth Migrate is the leading global real estate marketplace.

What types of real estate investment opportunities does Wealth Migrate have to offer?

Wealth Migrate offers its investors direct ownership in exclusive global real estate which has been carefully selected by partners on the ground. These investment opportunities are mostly within niche sections of the real estate market, which allows for greater portfolio diversification. We prefer to offer unique real estate opportunities to our investors, focusing predominantly on commercial assets, industrial developments and larger residential opportunities.

How do I invest through Wealth Migrate?

You can register on our system at, through the website of your financial advisor or through the website of your real estate company partner. Once registered you complete the entire investment process online.

How has Wealth Migrate Performed?

To date, Wealth Migrate has concluded commercial real estate investment projects exceeding USD 500m in value. Projects vary from growth investment opportunities (18-36 months) or income investment opportunities (3-5 years) which deliver an internal rate of return from 12.0% - 19.5%.

Who is Wealth Migrate?

Wealth Migrate brings Trust, Transparency, Independent Insight, and Accessibility to the Global Real Estate Investment Marketplace through world class Financial Technology.

How do you select your investment offerings?

Offerings are listed on the Platform by a variety of Sponsors, Real Estate Platforms and brokers, each of which has their own verified due diligence process that meets our detailed requirements. Each offering on our platform clearly states who has brought us the deal, and what due diligence process they use in deal selection. We ensure that each company that brings us offerings is world class.

What is the 'Term' referred to for each deal?

Each deal has its own projected time frame, with a clear exit strategy planned by the Sponsor. For example, an offering with a 3 year term would look to sell the deal in 3 years and return investors money and gains.

What is a Base Fee?

The base fee is what we earn as Wealth Migrate. This covers our operations, your transactions on the platform, and the ongoing development of our tech.

What is a Structure Fee?

Structure Fees are specifically charged to cover the costs of setting up and maintaining dedicated Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV’s) for each deal that enable us to do transborder global investing. Without these structures, we are not able to provide you with the most simple, hassle free, cost and tax efficient investing.

Four Categories of Risk & Reward

One of the key aspects of the risk is the predictability and stability of your cash flow from rentals, now and in the future. The more uncertainty around cash flow, the higher the potential risk. 

Why do you need my personal information?

Before we are able to accept your money, we are required by law to be able to identify you. We need to be sure you are who say you are. Know Your Client (KYC) laws have been put in place globally to prevent money laundering activities. This information further helps us make sure we are looking after your money in a secure environment.

Why do you need my bank details?

We need your bank details to help us protect your money. When accepting money from you, or paying money to you, we are required by law to make sure it is really your money, and that we are paying it to the right account. We use the documents you have provided to identify yourself to make sure your bank account is in the same name.

Want to know more about total holdings?

Total Holdings refers to the combined purchase value of your current investments, using the amount of your initial investment in each deal, and any cash in your account or wallet. Total Holdings is unlikely to be an accurate reflection of the actual current value of your real estate investments, as these are likely to have changed since the time you invested. When a deal reaches the end of its cycle, and the Real Estate is sold, and the money returned to you, then that deal will no longer reflect in your total holdings.

Want to know more about cash on cash returns?

Cash on Cash Returns is a very useful indication of how much cash you can expect every year in relation to how much cash you put into the deal. It is calculated by looking at how much cash you will earn after all the expenses of a project have been paid. Cash on Cash is represented as a % of your initial cash investment. Note that Cash on Cash indicates your return before you have paid any tax – any tax that you must pay is not considered in the calculation. (Example: If you invested $100 in cash into a deal, and you receive $10 in returns from the deal each year, the Cash on Cash return will be 10%).

Wealth Migrate Wallet

Our platform is designed around a “Pre-funded” trading account, or “Wallet” model.  Simply put, you as an investor first transfer funds into your Wealth Migrate account, and then are able to use those funds to invest into deals instantly. 

What is the Regional Compliance or Marketing Fee?

As a global marketplace, we operate in many different countries, each with different rules for marketing to investors. In many instances we will work through partners on the ground that are licensed by their government regulators, or work with marketing partners, or perhaps your own financial advisors.

How do I make an investment?

When you click on an investment opportunity, you will be taken to the investment details page. On this page, you click on "Invest in this deal" link. You will be prompted to input the amount you would like to invest.

What is a due diligence provider?

Due Diligence is a process where an expert assesses each investment and makes sure any information is correct. Each investment will have gone through Due Diligence by a team of experts. The Due Diligence provider is the person or team that has done the Due Diligence. This team may be part of the Sponsors company, or may be an external team that has completed additional Due Diligence on an investment. We provide you with this information in order that you can see who has researched and validated each investment. Wealth Migrate does not do Due Diligence on investments. We perform Due Diligence on all our Sponsors, and access whether they have a robust Due Diligence team for investments.

How long will it take for a pending investment to close?

Pending investments will close once the required funds have been raised, or at a time when the investment Sponsor has indicated will be the closing date. The time can vary from a few days to a few months depending on the rate at which each investment raises money from investors.

What is a sponsor?

A Sponsor is a real estate developer, operator or capital provider. The Sponsor is the company that will be responsible for managing the investment through the life cycle of the investment, and is responsible for the investments performance.

Do I earn interest on the money I have allocated to a pending investment?

No, Wealth Migrate does not pay interest on client monies.

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment varies for each deal, but it generally ranges from USD 1000 to USD 10 000.

What are the risks involved in real estate investing?

Like all investments, Real Estate investing carries a degree of risk. These include illiquidity (unable to sell your investment quickly), loss of capital (value goes down), failure of dividends (failure of investment to earn cash flow and pay regular returns). It should only form part a balanced investment portfolio and is targeted at investors who understand the risks involved and are capable of making their own investment decisions.

What happens if Wealth Migrate ceases to exist or falls into financial distress

Your Real Estate investment is not linked to Wealth Migrate as a company. Each investment is held in its own legal entity, separate from the assets and liabilities of Wealth Migrate, or any other investment on the platform. Your investment is managed and controlled by the Sponsor. If Wealth Migrate were to fall into financial distress, an alternative manager could be appointed to work with the Sponsor to manage the distribution of your returns, and the investment's legal entity.

Why do we need to know what kind of investor you are?

Many countries regulate what kind of investments can be made available to investors. The regulations are there to protect you, the investor.

What is a Self Certified Sophisticated investor?

These are experienced investors who understand the risks in investments. The technical definition is an individual who has been an angel investor for at least the last six months, or for at least the last two years has made at least one investment in an unlisted company, has worked in private equity or corporate finance and/or has been a director of a company with an annual turnover of at least $1.2 million.

What are the fees involved in investing through the Wealth Migrate platform?

Joining Wealth Migrate is completely free of charge. We prioritise minimising fees, and making sure our fees are transparent to you the investor. So here is a clear look at the fees we charge investors, what they are for and how we are focusing on saving you money. 

What is a High Net Worth Investor?

A High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) is an individual who has self-certified that they had, during the financial year immediately preceding the date in question, an annual income to the value of $120,000 or more; or they held, throughout the financial year immediately preceding the date in question, net assets to the value of $300,000 or more.

What is an Everyday (restricted) investor?

These are casual investors or first time investors. The specific definition is an investor who has not invested (and will not invest) more than 10% of their net assets per year in shares, bonds, fund or other investments that are not listed on a stock exchange.

What are the different KYC statuses? 

The different KYC status's are as follows:

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