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Using Wealth Migrate

  • Who manages each investment?

    Wealth Migrate lists Offerings from a variety of Sponsors around the world who are qualified trusted partners. Each Sponsor is responsible for managing their own offerings. Each Sponsor is selected based on a range of factors in the diligence process, including years in operation, past performance and the expertise of their team. Detailed information on each Sponsor is included in each offering documentation. This is a vital component of the information investors use to make investment decisions on our marketplace.

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  • What is a growth product?

    This type of investment delivers a higher return at the end of the investment period. Typically, this is an investment opportunity in Real Estate Development Assets. At the end of the predetermined holding period, the asset will be sold to realise a development profit. These offerings fall into the Opportunistic and New Development categories.

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  • What is an income product?

    This type of investment is focused on delivering an income to the Investor during the investment period. Typically, these products pay regular distributions to Investors and the gain at the end of the investment period. Returns are projected and calculated on the assumption that the Asset will be retained for a period of 3 – 5 years. The real value of the Income Product lies therein that an existing Stabilised Real Estate Asset is acquired at below market value, which has a profitable monthly revenue stream. These offerings fall into the Core, Core Plus and Value Add categories.

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  • How do you select your investment offerings?

    Offerings are listed on the Platform by a variety of Sponsors, Real Estate Platforms and brokers, each of which has their own verified due diligence process that meets our detailed requirements. Each offering on our platform clearly states who has brought us the deal, and what due diligence process they use in deal selection. We ensure that each company that brings us offerings is world class.

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  • What is the ‘Term’ referred to for each deal?

    Each deal has its own projected time frame, with a clear exit strategy planned by the Sponsor. For example, an offering with a 3 year term would look to sell the deal in 3 years and return investors money and gains.

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