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Wealth Migrate is a global real estate marketplace. We provide a digital platform on which real estate investment companies can list and promote their deals, and through which global investors can find out information on these deals and invest if they so choose.

Wealth Migrate itself does not list or offer any real estate investment deals, rather we provide a digital platform for others to list their offerings.

Wealth Migrate does not offer financial, tax or investment advice.


Wealth Migrate charges fees for the provision of these services, as detailed on our Fees Page. Fees may be charged to either or both of the Investors or Listers based on the particular circumstances of each deal. All fees charged to Investors will be clearly displayed on each deal’s information page.

Fees may vary based on the nature of the deal, or the regional or affiliate circumstance of the Investor.

Wealth Migrate makes use of affiliates, brokers, agents and other sales and marketing channels, and will charge fees to the investor based on these partnerships.

By signing up to be a member on the Wealth Migrate platform, and accepting these terms and conditions, investors are authorising Wealth Migrate to deduct the Fees as they are displayed to the investor at the start of any investment.

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