Southwark Village, Construction Finance Investment

Asset-backed investment offering to co-finance the construction of homes in a residential development


Investment Highlights

  • Asset-backed investment offering featuring a double tier security structure
  • Investor return calculated at 18% per annum
  • Regular short-term exit intervals or the option to rollover into the next development

Investment Overview

Opportunity Private Capital is once again inviting private investors to co-finance the construction of homes in a residential development. The Developer has completed the installation of basic infrastructure in the Southwark Village project and has started construction of homes on the development with the first 17 units under construction. To develop the 26 semi-detached duplex homes the total funding required is R 9 000 000, with the minimum investment limited to R 100 000. All investments achieve a return calculated at 18% per annum.

Unique to our investment is a double tier security structure (described in more detail in the accompanying documents). The initial investment period is envisaged to be for approximately 6 months after which investors may exercise their option to roll the investment over into subsequent construction phases in order to prolong the investment. The previous projects undertaken in this area by the Developer were funded on the same basis and have been completed.


Market Summary

The development site is located in the exploding Parklands area of Cape Town. For the last five years this area has been the fastest growing in the entire Cape Town metropole. The volume of sales in this area during this period exceeds 1 BILLION. The immediate neighbourhood is a high-density area with a distinct shortage of family size homes, which is the market space that Southwark falls into offering 3 bedroom homes. Thousands of properties have been developed and sold in the area over the last few years to accommodate the growing requirements of the middle-income income sector in Cape Town.

This particular complex is surrounded by single residential homes and sectional title apartments, all of which have been developed and sold. The area is spoilt with a vast range of amenities including the beach, schools, medical centres, shopping centres, gyms, sporting facilities and public transport. All the major retailers have recognized the growth in the area and a mass of outlets have sprung up.

Please note that due to the regulation requirements for this deal, this offering is only available to South African investors and entities.

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Opportunity Private Capital

About the sponsor

Opportunity Private Capital was founded in January 2006 and is a private investment company located in Cape Town, South Africa. For more than 12 years we have been providing structured and secure capital investment opportunities whereby private investors co-finance real estate residential projects with us. Funding has been provided for nine development projects in Gauteng, KZN and Western Cape with a market value approaching R 400 Million. Our high yielding investment products offer formidable returns and are tailored to have an impact in a time where banks and large investment houses are in control of most investment processes. The foundation of our investments is the security given to investors through capital assets and we do not compromise on this as a protection mechanism.

Our mission is to consistently provide the highest fixed returns for investors in South Africa, while simultaneously protecting invested funds through capital assets that are defined per investor.

Our products embody all the elements for a financial investment disruption. Higher fixed annual returns than most offerings. Better security than most available investment options. Secure structures to protect investors in market crashes. A private wealth vehicle with flexibility of investments ranging in timeframes of 3 - 24 months to complement the fast-changing financial environment. In doing so, we attract investors who possess the insight into the change of the financial environment and understand high yield, high security investing. While most investment categories in South Africa have suffered recently, particularly over the last four years, our capital investors have realised fixed returns of 18% - 21% per annum. This is evidenced by our investor retention rate of 82%.

In order to properly understand the merits of a project and its viability for investors the 2 founders draw on their 44 years combined experience in the investment and residential real estate space, together with their team.


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