Wealth Migrate


Good news, we are upgrading!

We would like to share an important update from Wealth Migrate with regards to us looking to move our investment structuring environment that will impact both current deals on the platform and deals available for the next few months.

Our platform works through us aggregating investors into a legal structure for each deal in a secure, compliant, and regulated way. Wealth Migrate is constantly analysing global compliance and structuring options, looking for the best solution for our investors. The solution needs to provide a rigorous compliance environment for global investors, maximise tax efficiencies, and allow us to provide investors with a diverse investment offering.

When we believe we are able to improve the security of our offering, and the efficiencies of the tax regime, we will make careful and deliberate moves to consider changing our base of operations.

Over the last 18 months we have been in conversations with one of the leading fund administration companies out of Europe, including our team visiting Ireland in 2019. Previously this company was not able to offer us a complete solution with financial services authorisation and administration services. However, they have recently acquired a financial services company and are now able to offer a complete service for our needs. At the same time the addition of our transactional account partner that manages all clients’ funds (Lemon Way) with their authorisation to hold client’s funds, has made Wealth Migrate a lower risk partner for potential structure administrators.

Given these developments, we are now in active negotiations to potentially switch our general compliance regime to a tax-efficient option out of Europe. We will still use the Australian solution for Australian deals and SE Asian investors for whom the structure works.

We have therefore made the decision to pause all our new investment transactions while we finalise the structuring solution. We do not want to close new deals now if we believe in the near future we will have a better solution for investors. Our platform will therefore not be listing new deals in the short term.

We believe this decision is good news for our investors:

  • Our partnership with one of the world’s leading fund administrators will provide enhanced investment process security on all our investments.
  • A tax neutral environment will increase returns to investors.
  • These strong partnerships will enable us to attract more world-class partners that are currently only considering dealing with institutional investors.
  • With our wallet system and digital platform, this switch in no way impacts the simplicity of the investment process or investments you are currently invested in.

The implication for you as an investor is that in the short-term we will not be having investment opportunities on the platform. We look forward to sending out communication on our new deals available on our platform as soon as we are in a position to do so.