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Can I invest through my US LLC?

  • The essence of our current investment model is that we make use of a specific exemption from the SEC that says that we are not allowed to have US-based tax residents as investors.
  • What this means is that as of right now, we cannot accommodate investors that are US tax residents paying with US-based funds, nor can we accommodate US entities like to invest in our platform.

Can I invest on behalf of my children and what are the requirements?

If your jurisdiction permits minors investing in global offerings, we can assist in opening a wallet for them.

  • Please refer to your respective regulator to advise if minors in your country are permitted to have an investment allowance.
  • If a minor is permitted in your jurisdiction, please contact support@wealthpoint.app for assistance in setting up their profiles.

Can I cancel my investment?

  • You may cancel your investment up until the deal has been fully funded and is closed on the platform.
  • Please contact your dedicated wealth consultant or our client relations team at support@wealthpoint.app

Will I be able to fund my investment using my joint account?

Yes, you can fund your investment using your joint bank account.

  • Under your banking information, you are required to complete the ‘name of account holder’.
  • Clearly state the details of both parties joint to this account in the field required and ensure this matches your bank statement uploaded as proof of your bank account.
  • The KYC process will only be applicable to the individual who registered their account on the platform.

Common problems you may encounter when trying to invest?