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Complete your profile and get KYC verified as an individual

Resources > Accounts

Once signed into your account, navigate to the top right-hand corner, and click on the ‘red KYC badge’ icon. Complete sections 2 to 5 and click on ‘Save and Proceed’ after each section.

KYC (Know Your Client) Requirements

In section five, ‘Upload Documents’, you will be required to upload the following KYC documents:

  • two (2) forms of identification: a colour copy of your valid Passport, ID card (front and back), and/or driver’s licence (front and back),
  • a recent proof of address, no older than three (3) months; either a utility bill, Rates and Taxes bill, or a Council Tax bill.
  • a recent, bank statement (full first page), no older than (3) months.

Warning: bank statements will not be accepted as proof of address.

Warning: credit card statements are not accepted as official bank statements.

Should you want to diversify your investment portfolio and are interested in investing in a structured note deal, extra Due Diligence will be required. Please contact support@wealthpoint.app for more information.

Saving and Submitting

Click on the ‘Save and Submit’ button on step 5, to submit your profile to ‘pending verification’.

Note: The KYC Team will do a preliminary cross-reference check and provide feedback with amendments via email if necessary or submit your profile to our wallet service provider for verification. This can take up to 48 hours.

KYC verified

You will receive an automated email once your profile has been verified and your KYC status will change from red to green on the platform. You are now able to fund your wallet remotely.

Appropriate examples of forms of identification that we accept include Identification card and Drivers License card examples:

Passport scans or images must show a FULL passport book; see example: