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Are you considering investing in offshore real estate? If so, you’re not alone as many savvy investors are now looking at offshore properties as viable investment opportunities that add value to their portfolios.  

To help get you started, we have created three whitepapers that will guide you on your investment journey.

Beginner: Invest with Confidence: The Five Laws of Building Wealth Through Real Estate

  • One of the best ways investors can build and preserve wealth is through investing in real estate assets.
  • 49% of the world’s wealth is held in real estate. Learn how you too can start creating wealth through real estate.
  • Learn about the five key “laws” of real estate investing that all investors should be aware of before attempting to build their own portfolio.

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Intermediate: The Five Keys to Offshore Real Estate Investment Success

Valuable insights you will learn:

  • How to get the right information.
  • How to choose the right partners.
  • How to make rentals an important part of your portfolio (it is all about passive Income).
  • How to use financing and cash flows to your advantage.
  • How to line up after-sales support.

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Advanced: Four Ways to Expand Your Global Real Estate Portfolio Through Strategic Partnerships

Valuable insights you will learn:

  • What global real estate trends to look out for.
  • How to take advantage of global real estate investments.
  • How to align yourself with partners who are invested and committed.
  • How to ensure your partners are ‘quality’ allies.
  • How to build a team that operates systematically.
  • How to establish a local and global presence allies.
  • The benefits of establishing a strong network of partners.

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