Wealth Migrate

On a Mission

Every person on our team is inspired by what becomes possible when we make the best commercial real estate deals available to a global community of investors.

We are enablers.

Put a group of people with world class skills and knowledge on tech, real estate, finance and investing into a company driven by purpose, and we will change the world. We know what it feels like when you have a great globally diversified investment plan. It makes you believe it is time to live the life you want. A world full of people doing that – now that inspires us.

The Wealth Migrate engineering team in Cape Town, South Africa

Big dreams. Real substance.

For a group of people who are so focused on the reality of the technical, legal and financial details required to power a global fintech business, it may be surprising that we have big dreams. We believe in real estate, and we believe in a global community of people. Our goal is to impact the lives of 1 billion people by 2020 by making it possible for individual investors to have a global real estate portfolio to power their lives.

Our global team

Wealth Migrate is built, owned, and operated by The Global Wealth Group. The other 2 brands that form part of the Global Wealth Group ecosystem are Wealth Movement and Wealth University.

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