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7 Laws of Real Estate Investing

Whether direct investing, crowdfunding, REITs or Collaborative SMART Investing, the 7 fundamental laws of Real Estate investing remain the same:

SA entrepreneurs open Orbvest, their US medical property fund yielding 8% pa.

In this week’s episode of Rational Radio, Martin Freeman, a successful South African entrepreneur and now New York-based CEO of Orbvest, unpacked the strategy behind the $200m fund that’s yielding 8% a year.

Booming demand from SA investors brings pressure onto Orbvest's US property acquisitors

South Africans who are actively seeking offshore portfolio diversification have warmed to the niche-focused entrepreneurs who are building Orbvest into a billion dollar powerhouse.

How to invest offshore, simply and safely, using technology

There are 3 primary reasons for this – Wealth Preservation, a Plan B and Peace of Mind for them and their family.

The Emerging Indian Middle Class and the Democratisation of Investing

You may wonder what the Eagles being paid £4million, the Rolling Stones being paid £3.5million, Celine Dion being paid a £2.5million fee and Elton John being paid £2million has to do with the Democratisation of Investment.

Internationalising your Investments Through Collaborative SMART Investing™️

I've recently returned from Sweden where Midsummer Celebrations and raising the Maypole are a great example of collaboration.

Understanding IRR and ROI with the help of Equity Multiple

There are a multitude of ways to calculate the performance and potential profitability of an investment, however, the most commonly used are IRR (Internal Rate of Return) and ROI (Return on Investment).

What is a REIT and how does it work?

A REIT or Real Estate Investment Fund is a company that allows investors to buy shares in a portfolio that houses a number of different properties.

Scott’s Recommended Reading and Courses

Scotts recommended books that have shaped his businesses and life.

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Our new USA Investment Opportunity - Glenridge Medical 22

Introducing Glenridge Medical 22 in Atlanta, Georgia

Four Categories of Risk and Reward

As an investor, I often sit with a few options when trying to decide where to put the cash I was able to save from my last bonus cheque.

Detailed Discussion around our latest UK Listing

Get all the details on our UK Listing - 267 Upper Grosvenor Road

Introduction to Crestwood Property Solutions and their UK Deal

Crestwood Property Solutions presents their latest offering - 267 Upper Grosvenor Rd, Tunbridge Wells, UK.

WealthE Wednesday | Invest in deals from USD 1 000

We are so excited to share our WealthE Wednesdays with you. On the first Wednesday of every month we will be reducing the minimum investment amount for deals on the platform

WealthE Wednesday Agenda – 7 August

Learn with Us - Open Q&A with Scott - Deals, partners, platform, investments (past, present and future), due diligence, etc.

What can we learn from history about Real Estate? Why & how to invest in London

99% of people can’t invest in London and yet this is what the wealthiest have been doing for centuries. Here is why and how you can copy them...

New Platform Launching Soon

Over the last few months, we have become obsessed with understanding and improving your investment experience.

Continue to let Mbongiseni thrive in Oakhill School in Knysna

Bongi has a dream to attend & stay in Oakhill School as this is where he is thriving.

What Makes Investing in Medical Real Estate Worthwhile

Medical or healthcare real estate is a niche market within the larger real estate market and can be described as buildings and/or offices leased to members of the healthcare and medical community.

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