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How has Wealth Migrate Performed?

To date, Wealth Migrate has concluded commercial real estate investment projects exceeding USD 500m in value. Projects vary from growth investment opportunities (18-36 months) or income investment opportunities (3-5 years) which deliver an internal rate of return from 12.0% - 19.5%.

Quarterly dividends of between 7%- 9% per annum, are paid for the income investment opportunities, as well as capital gain that is paid at the end of the investment period.

To date we have:

  • 20 000+ members registered on our platform from 127 countries
  • USD 80+ million invested from investors from 62 countries
  • 2 300+ transactions with an average transaction size of USD 36 800
  • 70% repeat investment from our investors
  • USD 5.7+ million earned in dividends by clients
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