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Global Wealth Group and Wealth Migrate: Business Growth and Scaling

Written by: Mariken Jansen van Vuuren, Head of Marketing at the Global Wealth Group and Wealth Migrate.

Amazon needs no introduction, their CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos, created a popular growth strategy called the “flywheel.” Based on the core concept of a virtuous cycle, a flywheel takes a lot of effort to move initially, but once it starts, it gains momentum and quickly spins faster.

To grow and scale both the Global Wealth Group and Wealth Migrate business, we decided to map out our own virtuous cycle with guidance from the Amazon archetype. We looked at how our virtuous cycles turn, what the various sequences look like, and how we move our different drivers to create unstoppable momentum.

The Global Wealth Group (GWG)
We make primary market investments in alternative assets accessible to anyone, anywhere, from any amount, enabling investors to safely invest and diversify globally, using technology such as collaborative SMART investing. Our meta-marketplace offers B2B and B2C opportunities for investors to crowdfund property. This unique solution provides access to digital wallets and enables people to invest in global property opportunities across the globe and alternative assets. We focus on bringing international opportunities to clients in emerging markets.

Global Wealth Group’s virtuous cycle

WealthPoint – platform as a service technology
Our starting point is our WealthPoint technology, which powers our meta-marketplaces. Wealth Migrate is our flagship platform and our proof of concept, while WealthPoint provides a white label solution to property partners, financial planners, institutions and strategic partners in both genre and geography sectors. We build on the significant demand and distribution for supplying the same products across various active marketplaces.

Active marketplaces
We have partnered with entrepreneurs who built their marketplaces on our technology. These partnerships along with an increase in transactions on their platforms lead to increased revenue for our business. So far, our meta-marketplaces extend to Wealth India, Wealth China, Wealth RSA, Wealth UK, Wealth Australia, Wealth America, Wealth Europe, Women and Wealth, Shariah Wealth, Wealth Create, and our flagship company Wealth Migrate. We are looking to grow this further in region and genre for a more robust diversification. Our active partners made us realise the importance of cultivating an entrepreneurial community.

Entrepreneurial community
Seeing our Wealth Point technology as a starting point and Wealth Migrate as our proof of concept, we have extended our entrepreneurial community, adding value to entrepreneurs and our business.

We are developing various personalised content touchpoints for our active partners. We are also in a unique position to have our partners contribute to content in webinars, articles, and success stories. This type of organic and paid content becomes a powerful touchpoint in a potential investor’s conversion journey, leading to more transactions for all marketplaces powered by WealthPoint.

More transactions
More transactions mean more revenue for our business. An increase in transactions on various active marketplaces using WealthPoint allows us to negotiate better partnership deals for investors on multiple platforms. Thanks to a growing demand for active deals, we’ll see increased traffic to the various marketplaces. This will gain momentum and lead to a more attractive option for future active partners, allowing us to sign up for new active partners and to diversify our marketplace offering even more. An increase in deal demand and a variety of deals hosted on our Wealth Point technology will help us to continue growing the marketplaces that have already signed with us.

Entrepreneurial ecosystem
To expedite growth, we have started to go beyond having only an entrepreneurial community by focusing on creating an entire entrepreneurial ecosystem. We did this by developing additional support for our active partners and our marketplaces.

We created the Affiliate Boost, a semi-personalised marketing package, for entrepreneurs with an incredibly competitive fee to assist them with setting up and running their platforms, combined with the support of an experienced marketing team. Entrepreneurs have the option of various packages based on different services and pricing models tailored to suit multiple active marketplaces and different marketing needs.

Our meta-marketplaces, such as Wealth Migrate, are fundamental revenue drivers that now operate within the competitive landscape of our partner’s active marketplaces. We created a smaller marketing cycle to increase high-intent investor traffic and conversions within our entrepreneurial ecosystem. This is a prototype that can later be leveraged for additional marketplaces.

We developed Wealth Movement, a networking event allowing like-minded people to build relationships and networks while introducing them to our various offerings. From here, a potential new client can directly become an investor with Wealth Migrate.

Sometimes novice investors won’t trust their judgment or feel confident enough to make investment decisions. To fulfil that need, we started Wealth University. This allows investors to upskill, guide them to make better investment choices and teach them how to build out their portfolios using our marketplace. While attending Wealth University, we fund an investor’s digital wallet for their first investment with Wealth Migrate. Showing confidence in our product gives the investor a risk-averse first investment to kickstart their journey with us. The goal of the entrepreneurial ecosystem is to drive more traffic and transactions for our own platforms.

More traffic and transactions
High-volume traffic and many verified members on the various active marketplaces will lead to more investments in our deal. This results in higher revenue, and a greater demand for deals. In turn, it allows us to negotiate better deal partners at a higher limit deal investment with a broader deal variety that is more likely to result in consistently solid returns.

Deal demand
This will help us negotiate firm deals with strong partners to ensure deals are fully funded, and we will be able to negotiate a higher limit of investments per deal. Going back to our WealthPoint technology, strengthening our deal offering for our active marketplaces and investors will help us improve the deals offered and keep our technology competitive. As our demand for deals increases, we will provide specialised and unique deals per marketplace. We will then further add value to the various active marketplaces by helping to differentiate the deals even more. Not only will this help us grow and scale, but it will ensure we stay ahead of new competitors.

Wealth Migrate’s introduction
Our digital platform is GWG’s flagship brand and proof of concept, with a mature global meta-marketplace that offers multi-financial asset classes, global compliance, a payment system, and personalised digital wallets. Our meta-marketplace helps solve the wealth gap through accessible wealth using a safe and secure FinTech solution.

Wealth Migrate’s virtuous cycle

Meta-marketplaces and content touchpoints
Our starting point is our customers’ experience which comes down to our virtual meta-marketplaces and content touchpoints:

  • These meta-marketplaces should be easy to navigate and trustworthy. 
  • We should always have live deals customers can invest in with a good variety of deals, for example, an existing medical office building in the USA vs a co-living development in Australia
  • This content aims to educate, engage new markers, and guide funnel conversion both paid and organic.

Verified members
Increased traffic leads to verified members and, therefore, more transactions. We are implementing marketing automation to assist with down-funnel conversions and have an entire team to help new members through the verification process.

Increased transactions are our primary goal to grow Wealth Migrate’s business. Through transactions, our business generates revenue once a new member is verified, targeted marketing has been put in place to urge them to invest. Once new members have invested, further marketing persuades them to re-invest in other deals or use the previously paid dividends for additional investments.

We are working with our holding company, Global Wealth Group, to increase supply and deals on our site by creating demand with a wider variety of investment deals.

Lower entry points
To expedite our growth, we are making our deals even more accessible with an even lower entry point. Now, we can accept deals for just under $100 (USD), but we are working to get that investment amount down to as little as $10 (USD). With a lower entry point, we will exponentially grow our number of transactions, leading to even more demand for various on-site deals.

More deals on site
As transactions increase and our success stories help to establish trust. Product trust will create demand for many more deals on our platform. As we gain our customers’ confidence and they’re able to see their wealth grow successfully, they will be compelled to invest significant amounts and start investing in a variety of deals.

Being disciplined
We realise that growth doesn’t happen by itself. To ensure we reach our growth goals and scale up our business, we’ve incorporated three disciplines within our leadership structure to keep us honest:

  • Purpose-driven meeting rhythms 
  • Clear business priorities through objectives and key results
  • KPIs (Key performance indicators) – using data and metrics to guide decision making